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In order to apply for scholarships at the University of West Georgia, you need to have been admitted through the Admissions Office as an incoming freshmen/transfer student OR you will need to already be an enrolled student to apply for scholarships as a current student. However, you are welcome to search scholarship opportunities through this site for information purposes.

There is only one application you will need to complete in order to be considered for all scholarships for which you apply. This application is linked to your student information in the UWG database and much of your information has already been added to your application once you login. To proceed straight to the application, use the button below. Please note that in order to log in, you will need your UWG universal login provided by the University (note: this is the same as your MyUWG ID that you use to login into yur UWG email, Banweb, Go West Checklist, etc).

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When searching for available scholarships for which you qualify, please remember that scholarship results populated from your search selections are suggested and based off of your selected search criteria. Upon completion of a UWG Scholarship Application, your entire student application and credentials will be used to determine your eligibility for specific scholarship awards. If no scholarship appears based on your search selections, please refine/broaden your search criteria.

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